Interstate Move (I.M)

 If you are planning to convey your belongings from Lagos to other part of the states, there is but one moving company that understands the terrain -Larrymovers. We are equipped to cover a distance of 1500km from Lagos, at the same time ensuring the safety of your valued belongings.

Residential Relocation

From a mini flat to a 3-7 bedroom apartments, Larrymovers is positioned to handle your belongings with utmost care. We understand that each household move is different that is why we have come up with a customized service design to suit your needs. We understand this bitter experience that comes with moving which is why our team of professionals is ready to walk you all the way to the completion of your move, putting smiles on your face. From the driver to the relocation specialist down to the management team our topmost priority is to treat your belongings same way you ought to be treated - respect.

Corporate Relocation

 From a large office space to a small office space LarryMovers is positioned to handle the complexity and challenges with skill. Prior to your move day one of our experts will work with the logistics coordinator or any assigned staff in order to plan for the move.We understand that office move requires a different skill set and tools hence, adequate measures have been put in place to ensure that the right tools are used at the right time and the skills are properly harness to yield optimum result.We will provide you with our checklist and move plan chart, assuring you of our commitment and preparedness of your move.

Moving Preference

Full Service Package: An all in-one relocation package that provides you packing materials, movers, truck and setting up your apartment. Let’s take away the stress from you while you focus on more important business.
Standard Move: Packing requires more time and great expertise. Only professional moving company will handle it in such a way that nothing gets broken or damage. Our standard move is design to help you pack your belongings using the latest packing and wrapping techniques. More to that it offers you professional movers to load and unload your items.
Do It Yourself (D.I.Y): Time may be on your side to properly pack your cherish belongings, but the stress of getting a trusted and reliable movers to load, transport and unload your items may become a nightmare. Our D.I.Y is just so perfect for this need. It is a relocation package you can always trust.
On-Request Move: No item is too small when it comes to moving. The minutest need to our client is a major problem we need to solve at Larrymovers. Based on request we can offer you our van/truck and movers to work with, to convey your furniture, appliances etc.

Waste Removal

 Are you a property management company, estate management company or perhaps a construction company looking to clear up your work space? LarryMovers is here to help. We are poised to provide an eco-friendly environment in any business organization. Our objective is to make sure that every work environment is safe and conducive for everyone therefore we will remove non-hazardous item from anywhere on your property.


 At LarryMovers we provide short term storage for clients coming into the country or perhaps clients who are travelling out of the country and probably felt that they needed their belongings to be kept for a short while. LarryMovers provide a secure indoor storage and protective packing materials that will enable such items not to easily wear out.

Truck/Van Rental

 Individuals and corporate bodies looking to hire a truck to move single furniture, safe or kitchen cabinetry or perhaps needed a truck to move by themselves can easily call us for a truck hire. We will provide you both the driver and the truck.

Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning: There is this adage that says a clean home is a happy home. While this statement may sound true not everyone has that time to clean up their house by themselves. Our home cleaning services are design to provide you the best cleaning materials and staff that are committed in delivery quality service. Time is too short, spend and enjoy the rest of your free time with your loved ones while we take of that stress from you.
Office Cleaning: We provide cleaning solutions to companies that want to focus on their core-business areas thereby adopting a cost effective measure in order to maximize profit. We have a systematic approach and stringent safety protocols that enable us to deliver best value and customer satisfaction.
School Cleaning: Children are prone to allergies caused by dirty and dusty environment. When you have a clean environment it contributes immensely to a great learning. That is why we are committed in providing a clean and safe environment to schools regardless of their structures and facilities.
Post Construction Clean-Up: A construction project is said to be complete when its intended client has moved in. As a moving company we help to clean a finished apartment or building leaving no stain behind.
Our cleaning frequencies and features include but not limited to:
• Daily
• Twice a week
• Once a month
• Three times a month
• Occasionally

• Window blinds dusted
• Floor mopped
• A/C cleaned * indoor unit.
• Trash emptied
• Lampshades dusted
• Mirrors cleaned
• Cobwebs removed
• All electronic appliances cleaned
• Sponge clean washable upholstery
• Fans dusted