Complementary Services

Apart from moving and storage services, we offer complementary services that include import document processing, custom clearance, installations, courier and recruitment services to our clients in and outside of Lagos.  

Import Document Processing

Importing goods into the country can be tasking and stressful especially when it comes to the paperwork. Larrymovers have the expertise required for the processing of necessary import documents which inclue the bill of entry,bill of laden, insurance cost, import license and other docuuments. Let Us take care of your import document processing.

Courier Service

Send packages and parcels to any location within and outside Lagos. Our skilled movers are poised to pick up your packages and safely deliver them as needed. We serve individuals, organisations and e-commerce stores.


We, at Larrymovers, can help you with the assembling or installation of furniture, equipments, musical instruments and more. Our service is especially useful when you need to transfer your equipment to another location. We correctly dismantle, move and then re-install them in your new location.


We provide recruiters with human resource for their organisations. Jobseekers are offered placement in these organisations when they apply through us.

Customs Clearance

Whether you are importing  into or exporting products out of the country, Larrymovers take care of all the processes involved including the preparation and the submission of documents, payments required and delivery.

At Larrymovers,

"We move anything anywhere"

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Why Choose Larrymovers?

  • Experience

    With over 3 years in the industry, we are experienced and dedicated movers who have learned on the job and are familiar with uninstalling and re-installing washers and dryers, refrigerators, beds, computers, electronics, executive desk, pianos and more.

  • Truck Capacity

    We have more capacity over typical full size 8/14 (Nigeria Standard Truck), 18 foot moving trucks that can your move in just a trip.

  • Reliable

    We do not disappoint our clients even at their last minute call. We will always go above and beyond call of duty to service them.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    When you move with us, you automatically become part of Larrymovers family; thus, our movers will welcome you in and treat you and your items with care and respect.

  • Affordable

    Moving is stressful. Hence, the rate should commensurate with the stress; However, at Larrymovers our rate is pocket friendly.

About Us

Larrymovers & Company Ltd. is a family-owned and operated business specializing in relocation solutions, import documents processing, custom clearance, stock management, dispatching(courier) and recruitment for individuals and for small, medium and large organizations.

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