Cleaning company in Nigeria

Home Cleaning

There is this adage that says a clean home is a happy home. While this statement may sound true not everyone has that time to clean up their house by themselves. Our home cleaning services are design to provide you the best cleaning materials and staff that are committed in delivery quality service. Time is too short, spend and enjoy the rest of your free time with your loved ones while we take of that stress from you.

Office Cleaning

We provide cleaning solutions to companies that want to focus on their core-business areas thereby adopting a cost effective measure in order to maximize profit. We have a systematic approach and stringent safety protocols that enable us to deliver best value and customer satisfaction.

Move In Cleaning

As a way of helping you have a one-stop-shop for all your moving needs, a day before your arrival to your new apartment or office our Pro-Cleaners will carry out a thorough cleaning so that you move into a freshly cleaning living space.

Post Construction Clean-Up

A construction project is said to be complete when its intended client has moved in. As a moving company we help to clean a finished apartment or building leaving no stain behind.

Our cleaning frequencies and features include but not limited to:

  •  Daily
  •  Twice a week
  •  Once a month
  •  Three times a month
  •  Occasionally
  •  Window blinds dusted
  •  Floor mopped
  •  A/C cleaned * indoor unit.
  •  Trash emptied
  •  Lampshades dusted
  •  Mirrors cleaned
  •  Cobwebs removed
  •  All electronic appliances cleaned
  •  Sponge clean washable upholstery
  •  Fans dusted