A mere thought of wanting to relocating apartment in Lagos is enough to give some of us a headache. When we think of how we will pack, book moving truck or van as the case may be, call friends or relatives we may feel helpless and frustrated. Other times we may even postpone the moves hoping that it should not come.

It should not be that way though. A move that is well planned, organized and strategies will definitely be a successful one with less stress. So whether you are moving for the first time or relocating to a different area or State these 7 moving tips will help you plan and execute your moves like a professional.

Schedule a move date

The first and most important tip is to know exactly when you want to move. Quite a lot of individuals do not see this as important however it helps keeps everyone informed ahead of time including your employer. If possible fix the date on weekend when you will be less busy and the roads are free. Moving in Lagos during work hours can be so exhausting and time consuming. So it may be wise to schedule it on weekends.

Purchase moving supplies in advance

It is crystal clear that quite a large number of us always leave it till the last minute before we get boxes, stretch wrap/shrink wrap, bubble wrap, box cutter and taps. Avoid the stress of arranging these materials at the last minute. If you do not know where to get them or perhaps you are too busy but you need a relocation service company in Lagos that sell moving supplies just call Larrymovers and Company and it will be delivered to you. Do not wait until the day of your move otherwise it will add up your moving stress.

Packing and donate, sell or throwaway unnecessary items

Professional moving companies in Lagos know that moving has a technique so when packing fix a date that will not be on the same day of your move day. It could be wise if you pack two days prior to your move day.

  • When packing make sure that all heavy items such as books, chinawares etc are boxed using a medium sized box of about 450mmX390mmX350mm.Meanwhile if you are packing your clothes the large box will be preferable.
  • Bubble wrap all fragile items including your flat screen TV if the box is no longer available.
  • Shrink wrap all furniture or mattress. If you have a cover for your mattress that will be much better.
  • Heavy items should be at the bottom then lighter ones come at the top. If you have newspapers or little foams it can be used to cushion it in order to prevent any damages. For large artwork wrap it in duvets or moving blankets. If you do not a moving blanket you can use your normal blanket.
  • Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug.
  • Take photograph of how the furniture was originally set up before you dismantle.
  • After dismantling have a small pack to keep screws.

Moving is the perfect  time to clear one’s home from unnecessary belongings.You could either sell, donate or throw them away. This will make your apartment to smell fresh.

Color Code and Label

For a simple labeling system pick a color for each room and label what is in the boxes. At the new apartment label the door with the corresponding tape or perhaps name so that each mover will be able to locate where each box or item belongs. You can even number the boxes just in case of theft.

Book moving truck

Do not wait until the move day before you book for moving truck otherwise you may probably be overcharged or disappointed by the moving company. So call the moving company in advance to book a truck. If you are unsure of the size of the moving truck to hire and you need a relocation company to help you out call Larrymovers and Company we are always available.

Move day and Checklist

Prior to your move day you could quickly go to the new apartment to do a move-in cleaning. It could be a day before your move day so that you do not add more stress to yourself.

Moving is not a one man’s job so if you have friends or relatives you could call on them for help. Make sure you organize them in twos so that each pair handles each room. And have two persons to be in the truck so that they could load it.

You do not want to lose anything hence moving checklist will enable you keep proper inventory of the items you move in and out of the truck.

One important thing to note during this day is start on time. If you want you move to be done in just one day make sure you wake up very early to move your things.

Arrange for a food delivery

Moving could take a whole day so make proper preparation to order for food during or immediately after your move because you may not have the time to cook. Have your stomach full because it requires more strength.

We believe that with these seven(7) steps you could move home like a professional. However if you do not have the time to move yourself because of your busy schedule, feel free to contact Larrymovers and Company for a unique move experience.

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